Office of Faculty Affairs
and Development
College of Human Medicine

Office of Faculty Affairs
and Development
College of Human Medicine


Award nominations are solicited each summer in alignment with the university's request. They are reviewed by the Awards Committee of the College Advisory Council which then recommends the slate of nominations to the full College Advisory Council for approval. The exception is the Lester J. Evans, M.D. CHM Distinguished Service Award – the dean selects the recipient in consultation with the CAC. Yearly nominations for each award are encouraged, however, there is no requirement that every award be presented every year. Deadline for submission for all awards is September 1 of each year.

CHM Distinguished Faculty Award

Summary: The College of Human Medicine Distinguished Faculty Award recognizes outstanding service by CHM faculty in the areas of teaching, research, clinical service, and public outreach. Nominations for the award may be submitted by a present or former CHM faculty member, student or resident. If the person receiving the CHM Distinguished Faculty Award meets the criteria, he/she will also be nominated for the MSU William J. Beal Outstanding Faculty Award.

Criteria: Each nominee will be assessed against the following principal criteria:

  • Evidence of exceptional instructional performance in a variety of settings including professional, graduate, and undergraduate students, curriculum development, development of innovative course material, scholarly work related to teaching, and academic advising.
  • Evidence of exceptional research, creative and scholarly activities in traditional, non-traditional or emerging areas with recognition that scholarly distinction can be demonstrated in a variety of ways such as creative synthesis, interpretation and application of existing knowledge, as well as discovery of new knowledge; OR evidence of exceptional clinical service.
  • Evidence of exceptional public outreach achievement in local, national or international settings that builds upon the faculty member's professional expertise involving such external activities as consultation and technical assistance, policy analysis, organizing continuing medical education programs, program development and evaluation, and public information.
  • While not as important as the three criteria listed above, evidence of other contributions to Michigan State University, e.g., in academic administration and governance may also be considered by the Awards Committee. Administrative excellence and length of service, however, should not be used as major criteria for nomination.
  • Generally, nominees have at least five years of service at Michigan State University.

Eligibility: CHM faculty holding an appointment in the Tenure, Health Programs (HP), or Fixed Term appointment systems.

CHM Outstanding Clinician Award

Summary: The College of Human Medicine Outstanding Clinician Award recognizes a faculty member who serves as a role model for CHM students and colleagues, especially in the performance of his/her clinical responsibilities. Nominations for the award must be submitted by a CHM faculty member. Students, residents, house staff, clinical colleagues, and/or patients may be co-nominators.

Criteria: Nominees should exemplify the six professional responsibilities defining the CHM Virtuous Professional: competence, honesty, compassion, respect for others, professional responsibility, and social responsibility.

Eligibility: The nominee must be a CHM clinician who performs clinical services for or on behalf of MSU; the nomination must be endorsed by the department or unit in which the nominee's appointment resides.

CHM Outstanding Community Faculty Award

Summary:The College of Human Medicine Outstanding Community Faculty Award honors a member of our community-based faculty for his/her significant contribution to the college and academic or research excellence in our community-based programs. Delivery of CHM educational programs is heavily dependent upon faculty who reside within communities throughout the state; these faculty are generally employed outside of MSU but have devoted significant time and effort to an academic career, demonstrating academic and/or research excellence.

Criteria: The candidate must have demonstrated excellence in teaching, research, or service.

Eligibility: The nominee must have a current CHM-MSU faculty appointment and generally is not employed directly by MSU; if employed by MSU, the MSU appointment must be less than 50%.

CHM Outstanding Community Volunteer Faculty Award

Summary: The College of Human Medicine Outstanding Community Volunteer Faculty Award recognizes a volunteer faculty member who resides and works within the college's community network. CHM's educational and research programs are heavily dependent upon the volunteer faculty who donate their time and energy to the college with no expectation of financial compensation. The recipient of this award serves as an outstanding role model in the college's educational program.

Criteria: The candidate must have demonstrated excellence in teaching, research, or service.

Eligibility: The nominee must hold a CHM clinical or adjunct (aka non-paid or volunteer) appointment and not receive any requital for teaching, directly or indirectly, from MSU.

CHM Teacher-Scholar Award

Summary: The College of Human Medicine Teacher/Scholar Award seeks to recognize junior faculty who, through achievements in the early stages of their MSU career, demonstrate outstanding potential to become distinguished faculty of CHM in the future. Typical recipients have earned the respect of students and colleagues for their devotion to and skill in teaching. If the person receiving the CHM Teacher-Scholar Award meets the criteria, he/she will also be nominated for the MSU Teacher-Scholar Award.

Criteria: Junior faculty nominees are evaluated on the following:

  • Instructional effectiveness as evidenced by impact on students
  • Use of innovative techniques and/or approaches in teaching
  • Scholarly promise
  • Public service/outreach activities

Eligibility: The faculty member must hold the rank of instructor, assistant professor, or associate professor and, at the beginning of the award period, must have served on the faculty for at least two semesters but no more than seven academic years at Michigan State University. In addition, nominees must not have more than ten years of employment experience of all kinds since the receipt of the terminal degree applicable to their discipline.

Lester J. Evans, MD, CHM Distinguished Service Award

Summary: The Lester J. Evans Distinguished Service Award is granted to recognize those individuals who have made major and enduring contributions to the development of the College of Human Medicine. Past winners have included former deans of the College, individuals who have founded a department, faculty who have developed or promoted innovative educational programs, and individuals who have helped to shape a community network.

Eligibility: Any past or current, regular or volunteer, faculty member or staff may be considered for the award. The dean of the College of Human Medicine, in consultation with the College Advisory Council, will select the recipient of the award. There is no nomination form for this award. A letter of nomination may be submitted to the dean for consideration.